Azuma, R.T. (1997). A Survey of Augmented Reality. Presence: Teleoperations and Virtual Environments, 6, 355-385. Dohi, T, Sakuma, I, & Liao, H. (Eds). (2008). Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality: 4th International Workshop Tokyo. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. Doswell, J.T. (2006). Augmented Learning: Context-Aware Mobile Augmented Reality Architecture for Learning. ICALT Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE International […]

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AR in Tourism

Travel and Tourism are all about positive experiences. Whether for┬áleisure or education, tourists want to absorb something outside of their everyday lives. Also, they are situated per definition, outside of their regular work-live environments and therefore constantly have to deal with new surroundigs. Even for those who prefer to return to the same place time […]

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My name is trowflit.

Trow: think, believe, know.

Flit: swift, changeable, travel.

I am a student of Sustainable Tourism Management.

This blog is made for a university assignment in a course on Tourism & IT.